shes finished and my final post :'(

well shes finished and here it is:


290 prims all up as you can see there is something standing on top of the balcony which is a box prim but I’ve done a path cut on it, other prims that i have in the build is the roof which is 2 prisms stuck together and on the second floor the railing around the staircase is cylinder prims, just thought ill do something different.

Now my welcome prim:


as you can see its transparent, I’ve twisted it (180 begin), skew (0.80), Revolutions (4.00) and radius (0.650). Its my own sculpture that I have made, this sculpture is the welcome message and has a scanning system with a 4 option dialog box that can give you a notecard about my build, the plot of the game, the Left 4 dead wiki website and the achievement for xbox360. If you come back to my build it does actually communicate with you through the chat which I didn’t think it did until it started talking to me.

here are my stairs:


I kind of did this the hard way but I couldn’t find an easier way to do it, each step is a prim and I have done a path cut on them.

here is one of my windows:


I have given it that dark hazy feel about it because that’s what i wanted a dirty window. The transparency on the window is only on 70.

now my upstairs:


I had a bit of trouble trying to find a texture for the inside of the wall, i found this one for free on the NCI island which was pretty cool, ive kept the floor the default texture setting so you could see the difference between the floor and walls and it stands out.

here is my door:


the texture on the door is not an actual door texture instead I offset it and got the texture to repeat, I ran into a bit of a problem with this and that was I had to do each side separate which meant having a different scale and offset for different side of the doors. the other problem I had which was at the start was I had to make holes around the doors and windows so I had to bring out my lego skills but I thought I did well, one thing I should mention is that the doors do open and close and I found the script for this online and it is a very simple one.

The side of my house:


due to the outside texture repeating I had a bit of trouble lining it up with one another due to having different sizes but I thought I did well.

Finally my random ball:


just something random I added just to make sure I covered all parts of the assessment build. The texture is a bookcase.

Well shes all done and I wondered if i was going to fit inside the prim limit but I had fun building and hope you have fun exploring one of the best zombie games that have been made.


P.S. one thing I forgot to add was my build was focused on complex interactivity this is what i had in my build:

a scanning script

inventory item passed to an avatar

scripted communication via main chat

particle system

dialog menu with minimum 3 options

a link out to a web page

and prim movement through scripting



its finished(Almost)

Woop Woop I finally finished my build and here it is:


Without a roof but that’s all good, just have to tidy a few things up like make it look good, put on a roof and finish my scripting. with the roof my build would be 281 prims yep I’m 19 prims off the limit.

The majority of the prim is box type but the roof will be two prisms and the inside is cylinder rails with cylinders as posts:


like my stairs? well that’s pretty much it at this stage, there’s one more post to come which is a summary of my build and I’ll double check the assessment guide line to make sure I have covered everything.

All in all I’m happy with the build, I didn’t want to do a 100% copy of the house instead I added a few things that I would like, more on that in my final post.

bob out.

working through my build and starting scripting

Well here we are, I don’t have much to report here apart from I’ve almost built the house and I am currently onto doing scripting etc. On Thursday me and Isa went through the welcome script that he created, we had a few problems because we didn’t quite have the names the same but we soon figured out what the problem was (well Isa did).

the next week I’m going to tidy up the house, make the weapons etc and put in pictures of the survivors and infected. One thing I forgot to add is my house currently only has 100 prims which is less than what I thought it would be so depending on how many prims I have left I may want to have photos of the weapons and items etc.

I also have to make sure that I have covered every part of the build requirements for this assignment but I am feeling confident that I will get it done on time.and I have everything covered.

Talk to you later.

progress on my build

Well I have started my build finally after getting other assignments etc out of the way, I started building a pipe bomb and thought it would be better to start on the house and get all of that sorted first.

Right the house so my original plan was to make a box, hollow it out and the size of two stories but I ran into a wee problem here and this idea would of been fine if your house doesn’t need doors but mine does so here is the original plan of the house:


Hmm I wonder where the doors are going to go so I asked my good friend google and this is the answer i got

  1. stack the prims like lego around of the opening
  2. draw a fake opening

well the second option seems good at first but there are alpha conflicts so the first option is better even though it uses more prims so here is my new house:


not only does the front have a door but also the back so here is the back:


Opps I forgot to put a hole in the bottom storey for the back door but yeah you catch the drift.

Since I’ve come across this problem Ive had to make the second storey separate to the first hence the different colours of the walls and prims.

Alrighty I’ve fixed the door issue but then I realised that i have a similar issue to the door and this time it is to put windows in so basically I have to rebuild my house and do the same method as I did with the door even though it will use more prims but that will be ok.

When I made the roof I had to make separate prims and join them together to get the desired triangle shape 🙂

Anyway I’ll give you all an update about my build and where I am with it later on.

The fundamentals of my build

Opps I should have of done this blog last week, no worries ill just update the world on my second life assignment build.

Alrighty after talking to Isa on Thursday about my build i have decided to remake the house from the death toll campaign at the end before the survivors get rescued here is the house:


so this house is going to be my museum.

When I was talking to Isa about my build he asked me about the survivors etc and how I’m going to have them, seeing as they are going to be hard to build Isa suggested getting a picture of them and display them in my museum which would make life a lot easier.

Even though I am going to have pictures of the survivors and infected I would run into a small issue here, it is called copyright so Isa recommended obtaining an educational license because the pictures are for my build, its only on show, wont be on show for long and I wont be making money from it. so my plan is to email valve and let them know what my plan is and see if it is OK to display images from the game.

Other things that I am going to build are the weapons that they use and the items that they can use, firstly the weapons, the weapons that i need to build are the M1911 pistol, pump shotgun, submachine gun, auto shotgun, assault rifle and the hunting rifle. if the worst comes to the worst and I run out of time or run out of prims for my build then I will do the same with the characters and display pictures because the house build will take a fair few prims. The items that I am going to make are the molotov cocktail, pipebomb, gas can, oxygen tank, LPG tank and the handy med pack. again I will do the same if I run out of time or prims with these item I will make them pictures.

Other things that I can build are the ammo stash and the first aid kit box/container, also another item I forgot to add was the pain pills.

hopefully I will start building my house etc, One thing I forgot to mention is when the avatars enter thru the house I will get a scanner to scan for the avatar and it will theck the name against a list with who has already been in the house and if they have it wont give them a note card. Isa said he will give me a hand with this part when I come around to it.

So I look forward to bringing left 4 dead into second life and hopefully you will all enjoy it.

Bob out

Assignment 3

Alrighty here is the plan Stan, for assignment 3 I am going to do a content creation build. The build that I am going to do is from a game called left 4 dead, I haven’t actually figured out how I’m going to do this thou my options are:

  1. Remake a scene from the game and have the characters in the scene along with the weapons that they use and the infected hiding.
  2. Build a room like a museum and have the characters and infected on display and people can interact with them, I will also display the weapons that are in the game.

To be completely honest option two sounds far easier and within my time limit and the prim limit lol so I will go with option two.

Right now I have decided on what I’m going to build and how to go about this task I need to decide if it is going to be complex interactivity or visual complexity, complex interactivity sounds a lot easier.

Some examples of complex interactivity that I might include in my build is when you teleport to my location I have a welcome message that will display in the main chat and depending on how big I make it you will either get a note card about the build when you teleport or get it when you walk thru the entrance of the build. Another example is when you click on one of the characters or weapons you get a notecard about that particular item and I will also have a dialogue box for sayings that the characters are saying as well as movement when they get hit or attacked by the infected. I might also have a link to the second life page or groups as well as the facebook page, other links I might have are maybe some hints and tips page as well as the achievements and other small things I want to include. If I make my build multistorey then I could quite possibly have teleporters when avatars interact with the objects etc. I haven’t fully thought through as to how I’m going to do my build so I might just update the blog as I build it and be as flexible as possible.

I think I’m going to have fun building this and I may ask for help from a friend to get the characters right and I’ll have to hunt around on second lift to see what I can find for free and can use to help my build for example the survivors clothes.

Somethings that I forgot to add, I’m going to include the items that can be used in the game and what they do, depending on time I may get the infected to interact and show what they do.

My next steps are going to be start building and have a draft copy in my head as well as have a look around second life and seeing what I can find that is related to left for dead, this project is going to be time consuming that will consist of long nights, little sleep, and having a non social life, lol na just joking, should be fun, so I’ll start on it straight away aka Thursday?


Name: NCI Community

About: This group is for new people to second life that want to learn the basic of everything e.g. building, scripting and dealing with griefers. NCI is a voluntary association which is dedicated to providing information education and assistance to the new users. The NCI community believes that the new users who are educated, supported and prepared benefit more in the second life world. Due to NCI being a voluntary group, they do not operate for profit and are not motivated by any monetary gain.

Event One: My first event I went to got cancelled because I ended up being the only student so that doesn’t really count as my first event however I found another event which was learning about sculpting and boy did I learn about the possibilities of building which was: its only limited by your imagination. When the class first started we downloaded a programme called ROKURO4 basically we can build objects in it by moving different points around the shape and then upload the objects into second life, however this costs money ($10L) and the format you have to save it as is a TGA file. So basically this class was an introduction to sculpting, one thing to remember about sculpting is that when you make a prim like that it changes shape and the texture applies to the whole shape and not individual sides like a cube would. The great thing about sculpting is that you can make prims into whatever you like e.g. a bath or tea cup which is what the teacher showed us at the start. When I used ROKURO4 I had an attempt at making a brazier, I did ok, I didn’t get the bottom stand right but now that I have this programme and know about sculpting I’m going to have fun building and can’t wait to see what I come up with.

Event Two: Well this event we did clothing and we made a skirt from a cylinder, yes that’s right a cylinder, basically we made one little piece of the skirt and what it should look like then we put a script inside of the skirt and that repeated the piece of skirt that we made 20 times so we had a full skirt, looked quite cool, basically for the function to repeat the piece was on channel 100 so we had to talk to that channel for it to work and boy it worked like magic. Since we had made the skirt the script had done its job and we really didn’t need it anymore because all it was doing was creating lag so we had to delete it. I might wear my skirt to class on Monday and show everyone my feminine side lol. This class was really short but showed me more on how to manipulate prims to what we want, this time we made a prim that will flex when you move etc. You learn something new every day and you can do whatever you want to prims when you are building as long as you know how to do it. All in all these classes are great to attend, they were very basic compared to our two hour lesson we have with Isa but they cover a lot in the session even thou they use text chat rather than voice, I would recommend these classes to anyone that is new to second life.